Call for Proposals

Topics for this year’s conference

Family First

Phuong Palafox, SLP


Literacy‐Based Interventions

Phuong Palafox, SLP


Home Visiting in the Real World

Amanda Marable, SLP; Bonnie Johnson, EI SC; Kennis Johnson, EI SC


Options for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Carrie Overshmidt, CRS


Impact of Maternal Depression

Stacy Snead, University of Alabama


Introduction to Conscious Discipline

Joy Winchester, DECE


Neonatal Abstinence


Vestibular Team at Children’s


Baby Signs

Amy Moore, SLP


EI Transition

Dr. Charla DeLeo, Clay County Schools, Tametria Conner, Parent


AEIS Assessment Tool (Tool TBD)

Vanessa Hinton, Ph.D. Auburn University ECSE


D.A.T.S. MOM: Disability as an Ability toward Success

Tametria Conner, Parent


Importance of Completing an ECO Map


Safety in the Streets, Home and Highway


What Can I Do for Children with Visual Impairment?

Susie Thomas, Ed.S., AIDB; Anna Whitworth, M.Ed.


ABA as a Strategy


What to do if a Child is making little or No Progress

Laura Schertz, EI OTR; Jackie Criswell, EI SC


Secondary Traumatic Stress

Dallas Rabig, DECE


Filling Your Behavior Toolbox

Dr. Becky Odell and Juanita Sheffield, Florence City Schools


Inspiring Teen Moms to use Reflection as a Positive Parenting Technique

Tyesha Amerson & Sharon Kane, PAT; Shelley Sharp, SW, Childhaven; JaQuira Alexander, teen mom


System of Care for Children with Autism and their Family

Anna McConnell, DMH, State Autism Coordinator


Sustainability of Mental Health Consultation Services in AEIS

Stephanie Covarrubia, Director of CSP EI; Stacy Snead, University of Alabama


Special Education Law

Leslie Allen, Resolutions in Special Education, Inc.


Service Coordinator Round Table


What to do with a Diagnosis of Autism

Deana Aumalis, University of Alabama at Huntsville;


Building the Team Bond: Families AND Service Providers Working Together

Dani Rich, SLP; Janelle Hodges, Parent


Infant Mental Health: Risk, Resiliency and Relationships

Dallas Rabig, DECE


Brain Architecture Game

Amanda Cooper and Amy Brakenhoff, Early Head Start Child Care Partnership, DECE


Using Data in Program Decision Making


Be Good! Positive Guidance Strategies in Inclusive Early Childhood Settings

Stephanie Eger, CCEP Huntsville and Paula Peacock, CCEP Tuscaloosa


How to Rock Sensory Processing

Parents as Teachers staff (Lakeeshia Sandlin)


Screen Addiction for Young Children (new DSM-V disorder)


Stimulating Speech in Unusually Quiet Children